Calming White Noise – Ocean Waves for Sleeping (Podcast Episode)
by Calming White Noise

The ocean has the power to heal like nothing else can – whether it's a physical ailment, emotional turmoil, or spiritual emptiness. The salty smell of the sea paired with the sound of crashing waves brings instant peace and relaxation. And for many, time spent in Nature is enough to reinvigorate not only the body but also the mind. The sound or thought of being near water helps us to feel relaxed, connected and at peace. We hope you enjoy this episode and have an excellent day!

Label: Calming White Noise LLC
Copyright: ©+℗ Calming White Noise LLC

Tags: ambient, ambient noise, ASMR, box fan noise, calming, chillout, deep sleep, Entspannende Klänge, fireplace sounds, fire crackle, health, meditation, mindfulness, nature relaxante, nature sounds, ocean waves, peace, pink noise, rain sounds, relaxation, sleep aid, sleep sounds, sound therapy, sonidos relajantes, stress relief, tranquility, thunderstorms, white noise.

Release year: 2023
Track Count: 1 song(s)
Album Length: 08:00:00
Genre: White Noise | Relaxing Sounds | Ambient | Chillout | Entspannende Klänge | Sonidos Relajantes | Nature Relaxante

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