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No matter what your sleeping style, nothing is quite like being enveloped in peaceful, relaxing sounds while trying to get some shut eye. A fan is perfect for this; it emits a steady noise that can easily be tuned out and even lull one into a blissful slumber. Many have claimed to fall asleep faster and stay in deep sleep longer—feeling well-rested and awake come morning. The episode was released on January 18th, 2023 and is digitally distributed by “Calming White Noise LLC”.

Title: Fan White Noise (8 Hours) Box Fan Noise for Sleeping (Podcast Episode)
Author: Calming White Noise
Label:  Calming White Noise LLC
Copyright: ©+℗ Calming White Noise
Genre: White Noise | Relaxing Sounds | Fan Sounds | Ambient | Entspannende Klänge | Sonidos Relajantes | Nature Relaxante
Duration: 08:00:00

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About the Podcast

Calming White Noise is a peaceful sonic world full of sleep sounds, calm white noise, and nature sounds. Stream ocean waves, thunderstorm sounds, water sounds, campfire, box fan noise, and rain sounds for sleeping. Whether you are seeking to soothe a baby, get a good night’s sleep, or simply enjoy background music, you’ve come to the right place. Our goal is to bring nature sounds and video that help you focus, relax, and sleep.

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